Alice Hotwire was a character originally created by Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh for Atomeka's "BLAST" magazine. So far her appearances have been limited to a few pin-ups and covers .

later this year, in "A1 BoJeffries Terror Tomes" #1, the series reprinting Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse's classic "The BoJeffries Saga," will also see the first published story pages of Hotwire in a short called "Filthy," written and drawn by me.


The cities are ankle-deep in them – they graze off the electromagnetic waste of a billion internet-ready consumables.
Most can only drift, witless and lost, in the foot-high smoke that hangs over the pavements. Some can manage a face and a sob story.
Rarely, something comes through with enough marbles left to cause real trouble.





hotwire in the a1 sketchbook